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We Export Aircraft to South America, Europe, and around the World on a regular basis. We can coordinate the Export C of A Inspection, Ferry Flight, USA customs filing, and obtain the ITN which is required to clear USA Customs. We offer Export Aircraft Acquisition Services should you want us to locate an aircraft not in our inventory.  Our Service department can provide fresh annual inspections, make mechanical repairs, & install Modifications specific to your needs.  We have the ability to coordinate avionics upgrade installations and cosmetic refurbishment.  Call us today. We look forward to being your source for all your aviation needs.

Bartelt Aviation is the world's leader for Piper Saratoga sales and acquisitions. Bartelt Aviation has sold more pre-owned Piper Saratoga Aircraft than anyone in the World! We also have a state of the art Service Department. The Service Department performs several Piper Saratoga annual inspections each year and our team installs Piper Saratoga modifications on a regular basis. Additional services include Piper Saratoga training and routine Piper Saratoga Maintenance. When you purchase a Piper Saratoga from us, we have the ability to provide you Piper Saratoga training that is specific to your needs. Call the Saratoga King for all your Piper Saratoga, Piper Lance, or Piper Cherokee Six needs.

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