Saratoga Flight Training - (3) Day Schools

Bartelt Aviation specializes in providing comprehensive training for the PA-32 Series Aircraft. Being the World's Leader for Pre-Owned Saratoga Sales has allowed our firm to continuously train new Saratoga Owners on a regular basis. We provide professional training in virtually every Saratoga we sell. To give you an example, our flight department has completed 33 Saratoga Schools in last (4) years.

The training program is available to all Saratoga Owners. We will train you in your aircraft at your location or at our facility in Sturgis, Michigan. Traveling expenses additional.

The School includes approximately (25) hours of training. Please review our course syllabus section for a detailed overview of the training program. The program includes:

  • Training Manual
  • Written Test
  • Avionics Overview and Operation
  • Ground Training - (10) Hours
  • Flight Training - (11) Hours
  • Flight Check - (1.5) Hours

Contact Bartelt Aviation, Inc. the next time you purchase an aircraft and need a check out or a (3) day comprehensive training program. We can accommodate most requests and are willing to work around your schedule. We offer a (3) day school and can customize a training program depending on your skill level and insurance requirements. Pricing may vary.

Piper Saratoga Comprehensive (3) Day School

Special Pricing: $1,650


  • Optional Instrument Proficiency Check and Bi-Annual Checkouts are Available
  • Please review our Course Syllabus for a Detailed Overview of the Training Program