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Piper Service Bulletin Library


Throttle Operation

Publication for Aircraft Operation

Rudder - Aileron Interconnect Bracket

Aileron Balance Weight Attachment Inspection

Nose Gear Actuator Rod End Replacement

Nose Landing Gear Actuator Attach Bolt Replacement

Fuel Selector Inspection

Aft Inboard Wing Access Panel Retrofit

Battery Strap Installation

Ammeter Replacement

Aluminum Wire Inspection

Use of Automobile Gasoline in Piper Aircraft

Stabilator Attach Fitting Inspection

Back-Up Landing Gear Extender Removal

Lock Wiring of V-Band Couplings

Hartzell Propeller per SB 165E

Hartzell Propellers per SB 164

Trunnion Replacement

Wire Protection

Forward Left Fuselage Frame Inspection

One-Piece Exhaust Pipe Installation

Engine Mount & Nose Gear Attachment

Inspection of Flap Lever and Bolt

Exhaust System Hardware Replacement

Defrost System Modification

Exhaust System Inspection

Engine Lower Cowling Modification

Inspection of Wing Rear Attach Fitting

Inspection of Battery Vent Tube Assembly

Pacific Scientific Seat Belt Replacement

KLN90B GPS Wiring

Upper Door Frame Rivets

Induction Air Inlet Scoops

Corrosion Inspection of Main Spar Behind Fuel Tank

Engine Induction Air Inlet Elbow Replacement

Inspection of Aileron Inboard Nose Rib Nutplates

Replacement of Ammeter Shunt Wire Fuse Assemblies

Winterization Plate Kit

Inspection of ELT Attachment Bracket

Inspection of Induction Filter

Landing Gear Cylinders

Inspection of Aileron Control System Spacers

Vacuum Pumps

Crane-Lear Romec Fuel Pumps

Garmin Service Bulletin 9905

Modification of Manifold Pressure Gauge Wiring

Airborne Air Filter Elements

Inspection of Wing Spar Attach Bracket

Stainless Steel Control Cables

Installation of Engine Baffle Brace

Horizon Aerospace Instrument Pointer Calibration

S-TEC System 55X Autopilot

Engine Mount Inspection

Combustion Heater Fuel Pump Leakage

Stabilator Balance Weight Tube Assembly

Servo Metered Fuel Pressure Port Leakage

GMA340 Audio Panel Wiring

Control Wheel Inspection & Retainer Clip

Clip Nut Replacement

4130N Steel Hardness Discrepancy

Rib Assy Inspection and Modification

Rib Assy Inspection and Modification

European Requirements for Avidyne Entegra

Nose Gear Forging Inspection - Replacement

V-Band Exhaust Couplings on Lycoming Turbo Engines

Precision Airmotive Fuel Injection Servo

Nose Gear Down Spring Replacement

Control Wheel Shaft Inspection

Control Wheel Shaft Inspection

Fuel Selector O-Ring

Aileron Rib Inspection

Rudder Pedal Assembly Inspection

Aft Wing Attach Fitting Inspection

Aft Wing Attach Fitting Inspection Requirements

Stabilator Control System Inspection

Garmin SafeTaxi Limitation

Stabilator Trim Barrel Inspection

Nose Landing Gear Service Placard

H3R Fire Extinguisher Replacement

H3R Fire Extinguisher Replacement

Engine Mount Doubler and Placard Installation

Wing Rib Modification


Piper Approved Tires

Turbo Lance Cowl Heat Shields

Improved Fuel Quantity Senders

Replacement of Air-Conditioning Hose

Alternator Drive Belt Conversion Kit

Oil Cooler Kit

Voltage Regulator Replacement

S-TEC Autopilot Component Seating Procedure

Cabin Heater Improvement Kit

Electrical Contactor Replacement

Modification to Eliminate GEN INOP Annunciation

Manifold Pressure Transducer Failures

Control Cable and Pulley Inspections

Garmin G1000 Software 720.15

Heated Windshield Test Procedure

Vendor Service Publication

Alternator Fan Backplate